Links and Resources

Alternative Video Production

DIVA TV (Damned Interfering Video Activists)
Downtown Community Television (DCTV)
Alternate Focus
Free Speech TV
ITVS Independent Television Service
Termite Television
Whispered Media
Video Activist Network
Deep Dish TV
Independent Media Center
NYC-Independent Media Center

Alternative Media Centers

Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)

Alternative Web Portals

DV Republic
Free Speech TV
Media Rights
WireTap Magazine
International Progressive Publications Network (IPPN)

Alternative Radio Production and Information

AMARC World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
Redwood Community Radio
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
Radioactive 95.5 FM - Ireland
Radio Havana
WBAI Radio

Alternative Press and InfoShops

Adbusters Culturejammers Headquarters
AK Press and Distribution

Hacking at Random
La Lutta Media Collective
People's Weekly World
Alternative Press Review
TAO Collective
2600 Magazine
Vikings Guide to Alternative Media on the WWW

Media Research and Support Organizations

American Newspeak
Alliance for Community Media
Media Channel
Adbusters Culturejammers Headquarters
FAIR -- Fairness Accuracy In Reporting
Media Alliance
Media Literacy On-Line Project
Media Filter
Media Reform Information Center
NAMAC - National Association of Media Arts Centers
Network Observer

Political Sites

ACT UP/New York
The Greens
Sinn Fein
Situationist International
Zapatista Army of National Liberation

US Government Sites

EDGAR Database
Federal Communications Commision (FCC)
Federal Election Commission (FEC)

Telecommunications Policy

Telecommunications Act of 1996
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
Federal Communications Commission
Benton Foundation
CPSR - Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Libraries of the Future
Center for Democracy and Technology

Public Access, Educational and Government (PEG) Sites

Alliance for Community Media
GlobalVillage CAT
BRIC Community Media
Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN)

Youth Media/Teacher and Educator Resources

MNN Youth Channel
Listen Up!
Human Rights Watch International Film Festival High School Program

Corporate Sites

Videomaker, Inc.
National Association of Telecommunications
BroadcastTV Networks
Science Television