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In the effort to educate youth on the tactics behind Military Recruitment, NYCORE (NY Collective of Radical Educators) has compiled a curriculum guide to accompany the video "Military Myths".

Description: "Military Myths"
Produced by ROOTS and Paper Tiger Television (2001)
Military Myths is an organizing tool to educate the public on the military's agressive recruitment of low income youth and youth of color. Featuring interviews with youth, activists and people of color who have served in military, the video gives an alternative viewpoint exposing the tactics military representatives use to engage youth - and the video exposes the reality of military service. (It's not all trips around the world and education.) The producers contrast media representations of war and military life with the personal experiences of veterans who have gone to war. Interviews with activists and students are also presented along with statistics from the Veterans Administration, CCCO, SLDN, and recent Pentagon studies that lay clear the myths of military life.View the Military Myths Trailer Here


Paper Tiger Television History Project Description
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This documentary will look at PTTV, past and present, in order to establish its position as a leader in the independent media movement. Interviews with the many of key players who have been a part of PTTV over the years will reveal how changing times and needs have shaped the mission and direction of the collective. The goal is to demonstrate the accomplishments of PTTV: it’s influence on community media, media reform and media literacy, and to reinforce the critical need for this work to continue in a democratic society.


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A video postcard is a short (less than 1 minute!), fun, informative video that reflects on some aspect of Paper Tiger Television.

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Think of the video postcards as a sort of Paper Tiger PSA. We’re looking for short segments (interstitials) to sprinkle through the completed documentary.