Paper Tiger has produced over 340 videos covering international and local social justice struggles. Our archive is a unique resource for activist organizations who can use the videos as part of their campaigns. These videos are always available for screening. Check out our catalog to find a video that you are interested in, or email our distribution coordinator (distribution (at) papertiger (dot) org) for more information on videos that might be most useful to your community. If you are located in New York City, Paper Tiger members might be able to attend the screening to introduce the video and answer questions afterwards.

Air Paper Tiger Television on your local public access channel

If your town has a public access channel, you can request videos to air from Paper Tiger Television. You will need to be the sponsor of a show and get the material directly from us. We ask that public access sponsors help us to cover the cost of shipping to you. If possible, please remember to include a check for $5 when you return the videos to us.

Though the process should be painless, there are a few steps to follow:

1) Call your public access channel to find out about their programming policies.
2) Research our catalogue to make your video selection.
3) Order tape at least 4 weeks prior to program broadcast.
4) Return the video to Paper Tiger with a check for $5 to cover shipping costs to you.

Invite Paper Tiger to offer a media literacy or video production training at your organization

Paper Tiger collective members have a wide range of knowledge in areas such as video production, media literacy, and other media activism. On a case-by-case basis, Paper Tiger offers trainings to organizations on any of these topics. These trainings can take the form of one-day intensive sessions, multiple sessions, or a longer partnership linking training with a joint production project. In the past, Paper Tiger has offered trainings to:

Make the Road By Walking
The New Neutral Zone
ROOTS (The War Resisters League)

To discuss possible trainings and partnerships, contact our outreach coordinator at email: info (at) or by calling (212) 420-9045.

Ask your library (public, university or college) to carry Paper Tiger tapes.

This is a win-win situation. Once a PTTV tape is in your library, you get free access to our materials and you’re able to use the videos for public and in-school screenings. When a tape you requested is purchased, Paper Tiger is able to earn income that funds our projects.