Current Projects


El Taller
El Taller tells the story of El Taller Latino Americano, a cultural center that brings New York's diverse community together through music, dance and conversation. As the center reaches its 35 year anniversary, it faces the challenge of gentrification. With a dramatic increase in rent, the center can no longer afford its current space on the Upper West Side. Through the colorful images and sounds of the space, the film shows how the community created an oasis in the
midst of New York City, and how it now struggles against its displacement.

Paper Tiger video collective (PTTV) went to Detroit in November 2010 to look into what flowers are cracking the concrete in one of America's most run down cities. New inspiring spaces such as squats, community gardens and artists spaces are appearing in the ruins of post-industrial, global capitalism. PTTV is looking at how failure of the local aspects of a global economy give rise to new forms of community and have the ability to change everyday life. Among the issues we are covering are how a devaluated housing market is allowing people to create a thriving and innovative new community, how locals are using vacant spaces to move beyond a extremely depressed labor market and how the media and corporations are reacting to these new situations. --THIS PROJECT IS CURRENTLY IN DISTRIBUTION, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ORGANIZING A SCREENING IN YOUR COMMUNITY/ORGANIZATION/UNIVERSITY PLEASE EMAIL patricia -at- papertiger -dot- org.

Fast Food Strike
Starting in 2012 thousands of fast food workers have been going on strike in cities across the United States demanding a living wage and the right to organize into unions. This show visits a picket line that took place in front of a Wendy's across from New York's Penn Station on April 4. Workers describe the challenges of surviving on minimum wage in a city where the average rent for a one bedroom apartment is over $2500 a month and their motivation to walk out. They also share their hopes, not just for the outcome of the strike, but also for their ability to better assist their families and communities. The show concludes with an analysis of the strikes by Columbia University Sociologist, Saskia Sassen. Sassen, who has written extensively on cities and the global economy, comments on the vital role low wage workers play in making New York a center of concentrated wealth. She also describes cities as a "combat zone", where local struggles like these can be linked to movements across the globe for social change. By bringing voices from the front lines and placing the strikes in a wider context, this show documents the beginnings of an important social movement.

Archive Project
We've launched an ambitious archiving project! The Paper Tiger archive includes over 340 shows and hundreds of related documents, items, and ephemera. These shows and documents not only reflect the work of many prominent media scholars, activists, cultural critics, and artists of the last 30 years, but also that of activists from social justice movements whose struggle might otherwise have gone undocumented. As a result, the Paper Tiger archive houses one of the most unique and important historical media collections, and encompasses critical components of the evolution of public access television, video art, media advocacy, visual literacy, and video activism. This project is currently in the assessment stage.

You know that sense of being legally cheated we all feel everyday? How is it that our world has become a puzzle to solve: advertising, media and politics have all become about misrepresenting, distracting, omitting, or overwhelming us with excruciating details... Paper Tiger is asking for video submissions, no longer than 3 minutes, in which YOU tell us about your biggest D E C E P T I O N: what you hate most about advertising, politics or deceptive media... whether it is the fine prints on your medicine leaflet, the lack of coverage of some important news, or that padded push-up bra of your hot date. All submissions will be threaded into a PTTV show and will be broadcasted! For more info visit the D E C E P T I O N project page


#340 Credit Card Debt Opera
Paper Tiger looks at the misleading combination of confusing credit card contracts and advertising for credit cards that don't ever mention the contract details and glamorize consumption.

#338 Public Spaces
This documentary takes a critical look at the history and future of public space--from the Agora to shopping malls to NYC's community gardens. The film unrolls the complicated relationship between public and private control over space. Featuring scholars, activists and community organizers, including Don Mitchell, Sharon Zukin, Galen Kranz, and Rob Robbins

#337 The Little Mermaid Singalong
Presented with Canadian Artist Matthew-Robin Nye, Paper Tiger presents The Little Mermaid Singalong, a half-hour variety program featuring solo performances by princesses, in-depth discussion about the feminist and queer readings of the film and its legacy, and of course, multi-lingual singalongs with both the original and updated lyrics.

#336Surveilling Surveillance
Paper Tiger Television's new show on surveillance culture. From government wiretapping to Facebook, GPS systems to credit card swipes, Google searches to nanny cams- how are you being watched? What are the implications of living in a surveillance culture? Are we safer or are our civil liberties threatened? Watch this new production on our Vlog!

#335 U.S. Department of Defense Contracts
A live performance piece taped at Manhattan Neighborhood Network Studios in which Paper Tiger reads and responds to the United States Department of Defense Contracts for July 2nd, 2010. These contracts, valued $5 million or more, are announced each business day at 5 pm on the Department of Defense website. Produced with Red Channels. Watch it on our Vlog!

#334 Reality Unreeled: The Really Real Unreal Reality of Real Reality TV
Is reality television real? Is this the real life or is it just fantasy? Paper Tiger's summer 2009 interns created a show on reality television, to explore the social impacts and affective stereotypes of this explosive and exploitative genre that has taken TV networks by storm. The show features an interview with media critic, journalist and founder of Women in Media and News, Jennifer L. Pozner. Pozner explains the social, economic and cultural reality of reality TV. The show also includes an interview with Robert Galinsky, founder and “principal” of the New York Reality TV School, where actors get trained how to act real. And the interns try to make sense of all of those "Addicted to Beauty" posters through interviews with random subway passer-bys. Watch it on our Vlog!.


Peace Pentagon Production
For forty years, the building at 339 Lafayette, also known as the Peace Pentagon, has been home to countless peace and justice organizations in New York City. The AJ Muste Institute, the current owner of the building, has played a vital role in supporting the work of many committed and inspirational leaders of the social justice movement. A recent engineering survey revealed that the building is in need of significant repairs, therefore this stronghold of national and international activism and organizing now faces an uncertain future. Members of Paper Tiger Television, which has been housed in the Peace Pentagon since 1986, produced a video that raises awareness of the building’s significant history and the need to repair, renovate and green the building. The current situation presents a unique opportunity to transform this landmark building into a powerful and sustainable cornerstone of progressive ideals, while simultaneously making a prominent statement against the consumer excess rapidly engulfing the neighborhood around it. Watch it on our Vlog!.